Rick & David: We Feel Complete

March 2, 2013

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Anniversary: October 12th, 1978 From: Long Beach, California

On October 12, 1978, I met my soul mate, partner in life, best friend, spouse and husband…David McGlamery. We met in college at Gainesville, FL. From there we moved to New Orleans, San Francisco and currently reside in Long Beach, CA. To secure what little benefits were provided for “unmarried couples” we registered as a corporation under the California Secretary of State. We then registered as domestic partners and finally on June 17, 2008, we were legally married. We re-married on our 30th anniversary on October 12th, 2008. Friends and family joined us in our celebration on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. It was an awesome day and as everyone said, finally…equality! A question asked is do you feel any different and we say, “Hell yes! We feel complete and are able to have the same benefits and equality as married straight couples.”

– Rick