Robin & Celena: My Soul Mate

August 18, 2013

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Anniversary: July 30th From: Cleveland

Celena and I first met on a site called Prodigy. It was an internet site before AOL came out. This was over 25 years ago. We lived over 470 miles from each other but always stayed in touch with letters and phone calls. I went to Cleveland to finally meet her a few months after talking on Prodigy and it was love at first site. We never got together until July 30, 2010. We tried to stay in touch but for reasons unknown to us, we didn’t. We both got into relationships that we knew weren’t right because something was missing – we knew we belonged together. Throughout the years this amazing woman saved my life from death not just once but 3 times and I didn’t know it. She always kept tabs on me and knew when I was screwing up or needed help but I never knew she was the one who saved me. After a long 10 year relationship with another woman, I moved out and got my life together and so did Celena. We finally hooked up. She was going to take her first vacation from her job of 19 1/2 years and come to Indiana to visit me. So, I decided to surprise her and drove up and got her. WOW! It was like we never missed a day from one another. We instantly talked each others ears off and the spark was still there after all these years. I knew by looking into her eyes and the gentle touch of her hand that she was the one God had created just for me. I think we had to go through troubling times in our lives to be ready for each other now. So, I moved from Indiana to Cleveland to start a new life. I was a retired correctional officer and there was nothing left for me except my parents. They encouraged me to follow my heart and they remember Celena from the past. They adore her so much that she’s another daughter to them. I packed up all my worldly possessions, rented a UHaul and off I went to Cleveland. I don’t regret one single moment. I only regret not doing this sooner. Celena just turned 40 and I will be 45 in November. We have the rest of our lives together now. I thank God every day for bringing her back into my life. Celena is my rock, my soul mate & my best friend. There isn’t anyone who knows me better than her. Our friends tell us we make a sexy couple and frankly I think we do too. We hardly argue and are always laughing. We have a wonderful home with our 3 cats. My hope is to marry her some day and show the entire world what true love is all about and that it’s worth waiting for.

– Robin